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Class Descriptions / Fees

Family Music for Babies and Toddlers (Birth-36 months)

13 week session (30-minute class)

This class is designed to bring the joy of music and movement to babies, toddlers and their caregivers.

Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and simple instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child's music aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed. 

Parents accompany their child during the 30-minute class. Home materials include a full-color parent book, and digital music download or CD.


Cycle of Seasons (Ages 3 & 4 Years)

13 week session (45-minute class)

This class is designed to nurture the emergent independence of the 3 and young 4 year old. Themes are nature-based and designed to follow the seasons.

Activities include lots of singing, chants and rhymes, listening games, patterns to echo, and movement games, all of which nurture the child's musical development while satisfying the child's need to learn in a holistic environment.

Parents stay for the 45-minute class. Home materials include digital music download or 2 CDs, songbook, and animal picture cards to allow the learning and fun to continue at home.


Pre-piano I (Ages 4 & 5 Years)

13-week session (60-minute class)

Pre-piano: Music Makers I class  for 4 and 5 year olds cultivates the child's musical development through songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and stories, movement activities, listening games, instrumental play and manipulative games. Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are dealt with using themes taken from the child's home environment and natural surroundings.

Each child has his/her own notebook for folders and games associated with the ecosystem-based themes: My Home Place, Woodlands, Marsh and Meadow. In addition the children receive and collect sets of basic graphic, duple, triple, dynamic symbol and melodic notation cards.

Parents join the children during the last 15 minutes of class. Material packets include digital music download or CD, a poster and game pieces, notation games, instrument pages and a parent book. Children receive 4 packets throughout two 13-week semesters. Optional 6-8 week summer session.


Pre-piano II (Ages 5 & 6 Years)

13-week session (60-minute class)

This class is designed to accommodate the 5 and 6 year old and can be a great follow-up for children who have completed Pre-piano: Music Makers I.

In this class, children explore the music, dances and stories of different cultures: British Isles, Amerindians, Germany and African-American.

 As always, the key ingredients are singing, dancing, listening, playing instruments, lots of movement, and tonal and rhythm patterns.

Through echoing, writing and reading patterns, the children will build a vocabulary of musical phrases which they can recognize aurally and visually, leading to an understanding of musical notation as a useful language.

Parents join their children during the last 15 minutes of class. Home materials include digital music download or CD, poster, song pages, and notation games for each culture. Children receive 4 packets throughout two 13-week semesters. Optional 6-8 week summer session.


Piano Level I (Ages 6-7 Years)

75-minute classes in two 13-week semesters

During Piano I year, the children will be introduced to the keyboard. As the final step on the pathway from early childhood music to music literacy, this program is designed to teach the children to begin to play the songs they've been hearing, singing, and dancing to throughout the years of early-childhood.

Through the year, the children will become comfortable with D, C and G major 5 finger positions as well as d, c and e minor.  They will be introduced to the I and V7 (also i and v7) chords to accompany their songs. Transposing their repertoire to all know positions is encouraged as each new position is introduced.

This class follows a very sequential approach to building piano skills, understanding musical notation and setting up practice habits as set forth in the book, Music Makers: At the Keyboard, Book One.

Year One Piano consists of Book 1 (and its CDs) and Book 2 (and its CDs), notation games, and a Parent Handbook. It is the first of a 3-year / 6-book program.

Class size limited and will close when limit is reached.  Further names will be placed on a waiting list.

Total:$355 each semester

Piano Level II (Prerequisite: Level I)

75-minute classes in two 13-week semesters

In Piano II, the children learn new hand positions that move out of the 5-finger position, new keys and notation games, how to write out familiar songs and will have many more opportunities to compose their own music.

Materials include the keyboard book, 2 CDs and notation games.

Pre-requisite Piano I.



Piano Level III (Prerequsite: Level II)

75-minute classes in two 13-week semesters

In Books 3 and 4  the children will play folksongs by ear in major keys with I, IV and V7 chords in the accompaniment and the equivalent in the minor keys. 

 They will read and play both familiar and unfamiliar folksongs with chordeal and arpeggiated bass. There will be technique exercises including major scales followed by I, IV, V7, I chordal progressions.

Improvisation activities and exercises include melodies on isolated I and V7 chord tones in both duple and triple, melody in left hand, right hand and divided.

The children will do harnomic analysis of folk and classical repertoire, listen to classical literature, compose and take dictation, and increase their working vocabulary of dynamic and articulation markings, musical terms and symbols.

Home materials include books, CDs, and notation games.

Pre-requisite Piano II.


Adult Piano Class (Ages 16 to 116!)

A series of four books/dependent on student

Ideal for: 
1. Those who took lessons as a child and quit,
2.  Those who learned the traditional way but now want to learn to play by ear
3. Totally clueless beginners....

In other words, ANYONE who wants to have fun playing the piano!

Materials (as needed) may include a book, CD and flash cards.  There are typically four books, covered in a series 8 week class sessions.

Tuition:$100 per month
Materials:as needed

Piano - older beginner (7 to 10 yr olds)

Piano - young teens (11 to 14 yrs)